Trinity Wilderness Retreat

Policies & Regulations

God has blessed Trinity Baptist church with this retreat and we are glad to share our facilities with your group.  We would much rather have our things wear out from good use, than to let them sit unused.  We would ask that you keep in mind the following simple guidelines that will help us and you to use these facilities to the fullest.

All use of this cabin is subject to the guidelines of Trinity Wilderness Retreat (TWR).  Please be sure you are familiar with these guidelines before planning your activities.  You must fill out the Trinity Wilderness Retreat Application for Reservation and the Doctrinal Statement Agreement and turn them in before we can accommodate you.  Those two forms can be found on the Rates and Reservations tab.

The kitchen is equipped with basic necessities for your use.  Before using the appliances however, familiarize yourself with their proper operation.  You are welcome to use any of the pans, utensils, etc… that you wish, but you should do so with the understanding that any of these items which are lost or damaged will be replaced at your expense.

Before checking out of the cabin, all floors, counter surfaces, bathroom areas, wastebaskets, and fireplace (if used) should be thoroughly cleaned and all waste disposed of as you leave the camp.  Dishes and kitchen utensils should be washed and placed in proper locations.  Appliances should be cleaned, and all food items should be removed from the cabin when you leave.  

When it is time to leave the TWR Manager will meet you at the prearranged time to check the status of the cabin and go through all the checkout procedures.

Since the Trinity Wilderness Retreat is a distinctly Christian atmosphere, the New Testament principle of modesty should always be the standard for dress on the property.  It is the responsibility of the sponsors from each church to give each camper a list of the dress code BEFORE they come to camp and for the sponsors to meet with the parents to make sure the dress codes are understood.  We suggest that sponsors should model the standard and enforce the camp dress code.

While on the TWR grounds, campers may not wear tank tops, apparel that exposes the midriff, or extremely tight fitting clothing.  Apparel may not display or promote tobacco, alcohol, controlled substances or inappropriate language and any other unbecoming behavior.  Any of these actions will result in an immediate forfeit of deposit and depending on the severity of the offense, the one responsible or the entire group may be required to leave the camp site as well.  

In addition, alcoholic beverages will not be allowed on any of the church premises at any time.  No pets are allowed inside any of the facilities at anytime (exception: aid dogs).  No dancing allowed on any of the church premises.  Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult (age 21 or older).  Smoking is not allowed on premises. 

Further, Trinity Wilderness Retreat will in no way be responsible for loss or damage to personal property of individuals staying or visiting the property.  TWR will not be responsible for injury to any individual on the premises. 

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